FPPC Filings

The Political Reform Act (Government Code, Title 9, Sections 81000-91015) controls conflict of interest through disclosure and prohibition of participation in decisions, which are actual conflicts of interest. Specifically, it requires City Councilmembers and other public officials to annually disclose all financial interests that may be affected by decisions made in their capacity; this includes interests such as investments, real property, and income. Councilmembers must also disqualify themselves from making or participating in making or influencing any governmental decision that will have a foreseeable material financial effect on any economic interest of the Councilmember or certain family members.

A financial disclosure form Statement of Ecomonic Interest Form 700 must be filed with the City Clerk no later than April 1st of each year for financial interests pertaining to the preceding calendar year. Newly-elected councilmembers must file a statement within 30 days of officially assuming office. Planning Commissioners and certain city officials are also subject to this disclosure requirement.