City Council Approves Address Program

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The Rio Dell City Council recently directed staff to initiate an addressing program to program to reassign addresses to get them in sequential order. The Fire Department has advocated for years that the addresses need to be corrected. The City Council agrees.

Emergency responders, including ambulance’s and the Fire Department, expect that addresses are in sequential order. When they are not, it makes it very difficult for the emergency responders to find the property in a timely manner. This exact situation recently occurred, resulting in a delay for the victim. Delays in response time can be deadly.

The City believes the “Avenues” neighborhood likely contains the bulk of the necessary changes. Maps of the “Avenues” neighborhood which identifies those parcels whose address is not in order can be found here. There are 248 parcels in the “Avenues” neighborhood. About forty-five (45) parcels are not in sequential order. In addition, one (1) parcel needs an additional address for a second unit.

Although it may be inconvenient for those forty-five (45) property owners or renters to change their address, it is in the interest of themselves and their neighbors should emergency services be needed. The City will be reaching out to the owners and renters in the coming weeks. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact the City at (707) 764-3532.

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